1 6 days before seeding Spraying of glyphosate @1kg a.i./ha
2 On the day of seeding Sowing with Zero Till Drill(seed rate 120kg/ha) N.B.: 120-130g seeds over 50m from a single tyne as calibration
3 On the day of seeding Fertilizer application with zero till drill@N-P-K(10-26-26)@187.5/ha
4 1-2 days after seeding

Spraying of Metribuzin 70% @250g/ha OR Pendimethalin @ 1kg a.i./ha

5 15-18 days after seeding Irrigation+First top dressing(Urea 135kg/ha)
6 22-25 days after seeding Spraying with Clonidofop @60kg a.i./ha(if grass pressure is high) OR  Clodinafop propargyl 9% + Metribuzin 20% @600g/ha
7 32-35 days after seeding Spraying of Carfentrazone ethyl @ 20g a.i./ha+Metsulphuron methyl @4g a.i./ha
8 35-40 days after seeding Spraying of Boron (20%) @0.2%
9 40-45 days after seeding Irrigation + Second Top dressing (Urea 90 kg + MOP 37.5kg/ha and it should be done just before irrigation
10 55-60 days after seeding Spraying of Boron (20%) @0.2%
11 75-80 days after seeding Supplementary irrigation* N.B.: (*) after flowering is complete, if possible depending on the moisture condition
  •  Use Flat Fan Nozzle while spraying herbicides
  • For mixing two separate herbicides, stock solution has to be prepared before mixing the herbicides in tank
  • The dates in the protocols can be modified based on location
  • Previous crop residues should be retained at least @ 5t/ha
  • For wheat, sometimes soils are to be treated with Chlorpyriphos to protect the seedling against borer