1 6 days before seeding Spraying of Glyphosate @ 1kg a.i./ha
2 On the day of seeding

Sowing with Zero Till Drill/ Multi crop planter (Seed rate 25-28 kg/ha)  N.B.: 25-30 gram seeds over 50m from a single tyne calibration OR Surface seeding is also possible if moisture permits

3 On the day of seeding Fertilizer application through Zero till drill / Multi crop planter@ N-P-K (10-26-26) @ 187.5/ha
4 On the day of seeding Seed treatment with Rhizobium + Trichoderma viride + PSB(5g/kg of seeds)
5 On the day of seeding Cutting rice stubbles (mulching); Light irrigation if needed
6 1-2 days after seeding Spraying of Pendimethalin 1kg a.i./ha + Imizathapyr 10% @750g/ha
7 20 days after seeding Spraying of Boron (20%) @ 0.2%
8 22-25 days after seeding

Spraying of Liquid Fertilizer (19-19-19 @ 5g/litre or DAP 2%)followed by a light irrigation

9 35-40 days after seeding Spraying of Boron (20%) @ 0.2%
10 70-75 days after seeding Irrigation* N.B.: (*) Subsequent  irrigation (if needed) based on soil moisture
  • Use Flat Fan Nozzle while spraying herbicides
  • For mixing two separate herbicides, stock solution has to be prepared before mixing the herbicides in tank
  • The dates in the protocols can be modified based on location
  • Previous crop residues should be retained at least @5t/ha
  • For surface seeding of mustard/lentil, soil moisture are to be assured; otherwise, it will be followed by light irrigation
  • Mulching with previous rice straw in mustard or lentil helps to conserve moisture and at the same time reduces the weed pressure
  • If Stemphyllum blight appears at the initial stage Metalaxyl + Mancozeb @ 2% may be used
  • If February when the temperature starts to rise, Spraying of Trifloxastrabin + Tebuconazole @300kg/ha is to be sprayed