Digo Krishi || DreamWork Solution
With the aim of scaling CASI technologies and practices using ICT based tools and strategy, DreamWork Solution is working for project "Digo Krishi" under SRFSI. The major approach of Digo Krishi is to scale out the SRFSI research findings, CASI technologies and practices by ICT based extension approach.

The major outcome of the projects include following components

1. Mobile application: It includes contextual information about CASI technology and practices with description, photo, price, guidelines and machinery user manual. A call button will be made available in order to connect directly with Data center for getting advisory services, information and knowledge about Conservation agriculture, machineries, improved seed, herbicides, fertilizers etc information.

2. Public Website: A website will be developed for knowledge hub related with conservation agriculture. It includes the information and research findings related with conservation agriculture. News, Articles, Blogs and Activities of Project Digo Krishi will be made available in the website.

3. Database (Software): It includes holistic information of CASI technology, practices, available machinery (sales and service centers, warehouse, repair and maintenance), improved seeds and other relevant information. This system utilizes GPS coordinates and GIS layered maps that greatly support building efficient linkage among CASI farmers, machinery suppliers and service providers.

4. Data Center: It is the physical infrastructure from where different advisory services will be provided. A phone call from farmers, service providers and other stakeholders will be updated and required information about CASI technology and practices will be provided.